Sulfacetamide Sodium ophthalmic: indications, and side effects

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For sure the human eye, as a very sensitive organ, is majorly vulnerable to lots of infections and irritation. This is antagonized by using one or more medicaments from a wide variety. One of those medicaments is the sulfacetamide sodium eye drops.

It is a very renowned antibacterial agent administered in the eye to counteract bacterial infections as conjunctivitis. Also, sulfacetamide sodium is available in other dosage forms like lotions and ointments. Next in this post, we will go through everything about the sulfacetamide sodium.

When sulfacetamide Sodium is used, it’s pretty guaranteed that high concentration of it is within the eye fluid and ocular tissues. Sulfacetamide is one of the sulfonamides antibiotics or what are known as the sulfa drugs. They exert a considerably strong bacteriostatic action against wide ranges of bacteria. Their action is mainly against Gram positive and Gram negative species. Sulfa drugs are characterized by a good fluid and tissue penetration property.

Sulfa drugs are capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. They restrict the synthesis of folic acid, a main factor required for the bacterial growth. This inhibition mechanism is achieved by sulfa drugs via their competition with PABA (Para Amino Benzoic acid). PABA takes a substantial part in the production pathway of folic acid.

Sulfacetamide Sodium eye drops

Usage and indications of Sulfacetamide Sodium

It’s indicated in cases such as:

  1. Conjunctivitis.
  2. Corneal ulcer.
  3. Superficial ocular infections caused by microorganisms.

N.B. sulfacetamide Sodium is an adjunctive treatment in systemic sulfonamides therapy of trachoma.


Please be sure to avoid this medication in case if you have sulfonamides (sulfa drugs) hypersensitivity. So consult an oculist about this issue.

Side effects of Sulfacetamide Sodium

Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects. You should be aware of its adverse effects in order not to be confused or get terrified.

Here they are:

  • Headache and/or brow ache.
  • Local irritation.
  • Blurred vision and eye redness.
  • Eye transient stinging and burning.

Stop using this medication and tell your doctor if you notice new or worsening eye symptoms.


Silver preparations for the eye like silver nitrate are not compatible with sulfacetamide Sodium. You must tell your doctor about any other medications you take. Hereby, the doctor could tell you whether your dose should be optimized or not. Sometimes the sulfacetamide Sodium eye drops must be substituted by another medicament.

For Dosage and administration, it is so important to refer to your oculist and a pharmacist. Never use it with no supervision of a doctor. Notify the doctor if no improvement is noticed within 7-8 days. Also, when the condition worsens, or increased redness, pain, itching in the eye occur.

A Last precaution

Prolonged use of sulfonamides preparations may lead to the proliferation of non-susceptible organisms including fungi. So be sure not to use it for a long time.

If you ever experienced other side effects than those mentioned about this medicament, share them in the comments :)