Walking benefits and tips for weight loss and how to get fit

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Whenever we think about health, walking is one of the first things that hit a mind. Walking is one of many substantial factors to be healthy. Basically, it’s a non-intentional health activity done every day. Everyone walks during the whole day. Someone who is going to work, another who is going to university, or others doing different daily errands.

You even walk inside your house and sometimes take your dog for a walk. Indeed, walking has always been very relevant to being healthy. Walking is a handy activity that aids a lot in maintaining the wellness. It is very beneficial to the extent that it could defend against a countless number of diseases and illness conditions. It helps to overcome and prevent overweight, obesity, heart diseases, and many other things. Moreover, walking is an easy and pretty much guaranteed key factor for losing weight and getting fit.

Walking is closely related to beautiful and awesome memories. One would always remember when was his/her very first step in the childhood and all life :) That was an astonishing achievement to you at that time. How was the gait during early life and childhood. Lovely memories, aren’t they??! :) They are so capable of reminding you with the past and bringing it back. You will remember such life events as if they just occurred yesterday.

The most significant effects of walking on health

  • Keeps good ongoing blood circulation
  • Strengthens the cardiac muscle
  • Prevents heart diseases and hypertension
  • Diminishes the risks of diabetes, especially type 2
  • Controls body weight
  • Helps to overcome obesity and overweight
  • Enhances peak bone mass
  • Reduces the hazards of colon and breast cancer
  • Improves physical functions and fitness
  • Straightens the body and spine/backbone
  • Aids in and ensures good looking

Walking effect on heart

Plus, it can alleviate the depression and moodiness. Since walking helps in keeping a good circulation of blood, hence simply it makes the brain more active and lusty. This because of a good blood circulation in the brain. Walking is good too for increasing the cognitive functions.

Walking is not just good for heart, it’s very great ! Walking will increase the heart rate which is a good thing. The heart/cardiac muscle is very special, it is the only of its kind. HM is a very strong muscle and in order to keep it strong, it needs to be put to work.

Unlike skeletal muscles which need a plenty of effort to be trained, cardiac muscle can get everything done with only walking on regular basis. When the heart pumps, it pushes the fresh oxygenated blood with great force to muscles. The result of pumping will help keep the cardiac muscle healthy and strong.

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Walking for losing big pounds of body weight is a very common strategy. This requires a little plan comprised of 

Walking for at least 30 minutes daily

Specify the time that suits you for doing this during the meanwhile of the day. Stuck to doing it whatever how your day went.

Taking great care of what you eat

Along with the brisk walking, watch your diet carefully. It really accounts to losing weight. Be very sure you consumed calories during walking more than those you had in meals. Eating much more vegetables, green leaves, fresh fruits is a perfect choice. Getting away from carbohydrates and fats is important too.

Though walking is considered as an ordinary health activity, it’s also considered as working out ! Yes, this is absolutely right especially for the brisk walking, in which a remarkable effort is exerted. During this kind of walking, you should wear comfortable shoes to keep up that enjoyable activity. The shoes should be a bit larger than your real foot size to ensure there is no pain in your feet. 

Do your best to follow all the mentioned tips. Keep walking, eating healthy food, and do some work outs as much as you can. Happy walking :)